4:40 PM - 12/13/2017- LIBRARY - Jordan Buckets 2.0

hi-hi! welcome to the blog! again! it's been redesigned! so now it's cooler!
i need to promise to myself to constantly blog all the time but i don't so yeah.
--==jordan buckets==--
p.s. there's some kid tellin' me to be quiet but i won't cause I DON'T CARE

4:22 PM - 12/7/2017 - LIBRARY - My Favorites

Hi Again. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))OK ill stop. so here's a list of my favorite stuff.
also hey two blog posts in one day wow


i don't really watch TV but i like futurama and bob's burgers and gumball.
it's such a beautiful day - don hertzfeldt
wallace and gromit
REJECTED - don hertzfeldt
BILLY'S BALLOON - don hertzfeldt
WORLD OF TOMORROW - don hertzfeldt
Get a Job
floorfilla's anthem 3. it's nice track.
gates to hell - blue wolf productions - ding ding ding ding dong windows xp
royksopp's melody a.m.
bells of moscow - rachmaninoff
big boi - boomiverse - specifically chocolate
big boi - vicious lies and dangerous rumors- specifically lines and CPU
tribe called quest - melatonin
most techno music from the 2000s
well thats all folks!
--==jordan buckets==--

3:55 PM - 12/7/2017 - LIBRARY - Adventures of the Library I

ahh. the good ol' library. the place where currently i've written all my blogs. so how is the library?
well, it's a library. but this library is on the second floor. they have events on the first floor and a
vending machine where i got my well deserved cheetos and dr pepper. i deserved it.
there's 13 library public computers, you can register for one. there's 5 kiddy computers with proxy settings
on them. and books. tons and tons of books. it's a nice library. now one adventure i had was running
away from someone for a LONG while. they were really fast. my walks to this library are also
adventures. i try pretty hard to get here early. so you know what? all of my "Adventures of the Library" posts
will maybe have their own HTML page. so that will probably happen when i have two of these posts.
--==jordan buckets==--

4:29 PM - 12/6/2017 - LIBRARY - Hi guys!

hi guys! welcome back to my site, that i hadn't ever bothered with for a week.
so what i've done is work a LOT on this site and make it look cooler. for one,
i learned that its not "bgimage" for doing html backgrounds, its "background" instead.
and, there's a new top.html file for the top bar. i think i'll place cool things there.
but for now, it's the logo and the sitemap. so bye bye.

--==jordan buckets==--

4:05 PM - 11/30/2017 - THE LIBRARY. AGAIN.

hi again. so i have anxiety. well, wait of course we ALL have anxiety, i mean my anxiety causes me
to kinda get really mad and sad, and it happened a few times again today. i had a total of 2 breakdowns.
and the thing is, on the 2nd one, i abused inanimate objects, which is weird. no, i'm not in a relationship
and no, don't try to get INTO a relationship with me. but yeah, i did. i abused my backpack, a pencil, and did
a lot of flinging my limbs around frustratedingly. but now, let's focus on something that ALSO made me irritated.

so you know, my first post mentioned a resource of old geocities stuff. and i linked to it. and it opened up in
the iframe instead of the actual website? i also tried a js button, but it did the same thing! so what i have done,
is make it so the resource is on the actual sitemap instead of the blog iframe. so that it wouldn't do that.
bye now. --==jordan buckets==--
p.s. i had a twix today. bought it at the vending machine. now i wish i got a soda pop instead D:(

4:55 PM - 11/29/2017 - THE LIBRARY.

hi there, this is my site but more advanced! and by advanced, i mean, the blog is an iframe.
my ride isn't here yet so i'm busy writing this blog on a library computer. sadly i didn't bring any USBs.
if i did, i could add some new backgrounds using the resource of old geocities stuff. you might have fun looking at the tons of stuff
there. anyway, see ya when i update this site. also i hate it when the sun gets in my eyes.

--==jordan buckets==--